Sarasota Scullers High School Rowing

  • What: Competitive club rowing, a year-round program with Head Races (5 kilometers) in the fall and Sprints (2 kilometers) in the spring
  • Who: High school students, of any experience level
  • When: Practices are Monday through Friday, 3:45PM to 6:15PM and Saturdays, 7:45AM to 10:15AM. Please note that there is no practice on Wednesdays in the fall. Regattas are on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year.
  • Where: Practices are at Blackburn Point Park or the Scullers Club House. Regattas are in Sarasota at Blackburn Point Park and Nathan Benderson Park, Orlando, Tampa, Miami,¬†Chattanooga, and other out of state venues.

Students can jump in at any high school age (within US Rowing guidelines, up to 18) and nearly any level of physical conditioning. Practices emphasize rowing from Blackburn Point Park, but also include erging (rowing on rowing machines in inclement weather), running, and strength training. Rowers will tell you that not only will you find it easy to become friends with other Scullers, but find a camaraderie with rowers on other teams at races.

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