Logged in members will see additional events and more details about events. If you are a parent of a rower with the Scullers, this section is for you. If you already have registered with the Sarasota Scullers, login to see this page. If you have not yet registered, please register and your account will be confirmed by a member of the club before activation.

Please take a look at the Calendar. You will see events that start with “Members” to indicate that they have more information than the publicly-viewable ones.

Other helpful Member links:

  • MESSAGES – ¬†All emails sent to the club. Specially handy if you think you missed something.
  • PAY ON-LINE – Links to pay your dues and assessments.
  • CONTACT LIST – Full list of committee leads and their contact information.
  • REGATTA INFORMATION – Schedule of upcoming regattas, assessments & parent hotel info.