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Men's bow coxed for pictured from the bow. Coxswain seen wearing sunglasses. Men's backs seen as they are mid-stroke.

STEM to Stern

Our STEM to Stern program offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity in Sarasota County.

STEM to Stern provides our participants with high quality coached rowing, STEM education, swim lessons, nutrition, transportation and more. STEM activities excite and engage students and develop critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. STEM to Stern is part of our commitment to our community and the “Whole Rower” where we develop all of our community’s youth into incredible leaders.

This minimal to no-cost program is designed for 7th and 8th grade middle schoolers, with opportunities available for 6th-8th grade. We offer scholarship opportunities for participation beyond our STEM to Stern programming. Rowing is a sport for life and this is just the beginning.

*rowers must be qualify for the federal free lunch program, or show financial need to be eligible for the low to no-cost option.


I want to participate!


Tailored for 7th and 8th grade students. Opportunities available for others, please inquire.


4:45p-6:00pm Monday and Thursday.  Every other Saturday is 645a-1p.


Practices are at Blackburn Point Park , Scullers Club House, and/or Nathan Benderson Park


Our program has been generously sponsored for the 2022 season.

How to Join

Email us with questions and interest! or call us at 966-2244

Sarasota Scullers is partners with STEM to Stern, a nationwide organization, to give rowing access to everyone in Sarasota County.  Our STEM to Stern initiative leverages local and national partnerships to ensure that all youth are able to participate in our transformative sport. Our primary focus is 7th and 8th graders. Please reach out if you are 6th-12th and have questions- we want you rowing!

This opportunity is possible because of our great local partnerships with Nathan Benderson Park, CoreSRQ, STEM for Kids, and other amazing organizations.