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You want to TRY-OUT for

Contact our Head Coach Bernhard Stomporowski   ….. or …. 941 966 22 44

Two weeks of training for one flat fee of $60



You want to SIGN-UP for

  • Summer Camps
  • Learn-to-Row
  • Middle School (MS) Spring or Fall Program
  • High School (HS) Spring or Fall Program
  • Summer (MS/HS) Program
  • High Performance Program (restricted to 3 athletes – contact before you sign-up Head Coach Bernhard Stomporowski at
  • Individual Regatta participation



Signing up for all programs will take two steps

  • STEP 1
    • Required for ALL ROWERS in the USA
    • Become a member of USRowing (Federation of all rowing clubs and athletes in the United States)
      • If you are already member of USRowing you can skip Step 1 and continue with Step 2
  • STEP 2
    • Become a member of the Sarasota Scullers


Any concerns or questions? Please email  or call 941-966-2244

We are here to help!


Step 1

Get your USRowing membership, required for all rowers in the USA

  1. Head to to sign up for an individual membership (see picture above)
  2. Select Individuals – Join
  3. Please use your ROWER’S information, not parent information, including email to sign up
  4. Club team or name is Sarasota Scullers
  5. Club Code is FJZVE
  6. Continue filling out the form as your rower
  7. Choose the $15 basic membership level.


Step 2

We use a platform called Boathouse Connect to manage our boathouse and registrations.

Create an account at Boathouse Connect – your tool to sign up for our programs.


  1. Create an account at  using the same email as you did with USRowing
  2. Click New User to make an account for the rowerand then log in.
    1. Fill out all of the rowing experience questions to the best of your abilities
    2. Be sure to select the best emergency contact for a parent/guardian, in case of emergency
    3. Join an existing organization and select Sarasota Scullers (SSYRP)
    4. Click Request Invite.
    5. You’re in!
  3. Select your program & enroll
    1. On the left panel, click My Profile –>> My Profile –> then at the top you will see a “Contact info” tab. Put in every parent/guardian that may pick up your child. Use email and phone number, please. We send out texts to the phone numbers here in case we change practice locations
    2. On the left panel, click Finances –>> My Finances and add a credit card as a payment method – DO NOT make a payment, the system will auto-charge in about 2 days based on what group you join.
    3. On the left panel, click My Groups and then select the group you want.
      1. FIRST TIME to the SSYRP join the group ACTIVE ATHLETES. You only do this sign-up once during your career at the Scullers – after this follow the next step (3.2.)
      2. JOINING a group. Look for the group you want to sign up for – normally called High School (Season and Year) or Middle School (Season and Year). See picture below.
    4. After you join the correct group for you, the appropriate fees will be automatically charged in 1-2 days.

That’s it! You’re signed up.

General Information

  • Please read all group information before joining a group!
  • All billing is done through this platform. If you wish to use cash or check, do not put in a credit card and sign up with the rest of the steps.

 If you have questions, email us. We are here to help!