Leadership & Development

Dimmly lit picture of men carying a four into the boat yard taken from the front

Developing Teams

Our Head Coach, Greg Wood, has traveled the world teaching Corporations like Royal Dutch Shell, Stanley/Black and Decker, McKinsey & Company, ConocoPhillips, Nike, and others, about teamwork, leadership, and how to become a high-performance team. Sarasota Scullers’ waterway offers incredible scenery, great water, and great facilities to learn skills on how to quickly become a high performance team. Learn the skills here, then take them back to work to improve productivity, communicate better, and improve team morale.  There is no better way to feel a team than rowing!

Contact Coach Greg Wood directly for more information about this incredible opportunity. No rowing experience needed prior to the retreat; you will be taken on a dynamic journey to experience what it feels like to be a high-performance team. Half-day, full-day, and multi-day programming available to suit your time, budget and needs.

Contact: Greg@SarasotaScullers.org

Or Call: 941-966-2244