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By Elizabeth Johnson

Daniel Kemp was out on the water with the Sarasota Scullers earlier this year when he fainted in the boat.

“One stroke I was there and the next stroke I was out,” said Kemp, 18.

His blood sugar had dropped too low.

He was unconscious for about 30 seconds. His fellow rowers jumped to action.

“They were flagging the coach down, trying to wake me up,” Kemp said. “Some were trying to reach for my tablets, crush one and put it in my mouth so it would dissolve.”

Kemp was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 8. His coaches and teammates are aware of the condition, which requires almost constant monitoring by the Pine View senior.

Kemp pricks his finger five to 10 times a day. He counts the carbohydrates he eats. He has an insulin pump.

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